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Students at Aldgate Primary School are taught according to the expectations of the Australian Curriculum. This framework includes eight expected learning areas:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Health and PE
  • The Arts
  • Technologies
  • Languages

Our teachers take pride in providing quality learning opportunities and the excellent results achieved by our students is due to the continual review, planning and professional development undertaken by teachers at Aldgate Primary School.

More information about the Australian Curriculum can be found on their website.

Literacy Program

All of our teachers and school support officers have been trained to deliver our  Playberry Laser Multisensory Literacy Program. This program follows research based principles and is designed to align with the Australian National Curriculum for English. It provides effective and efficient resources for primary teachers, focusing on structured literacy principles, covering phonology, morphology, spelling rules, and grammar concepts. These resources help teachers deliver highly effective literacy instruction while adhering to common scope and sequences. 

For more details, you can explore the Playberry-Laser website. Additionally, there’s a document that specifically maps the program to the Australian curriculum, which you can find here.

Numeracy Program

Our teachers have been working alongside Dr Ange Rogers (Numeracy Consultant, PhD researcher) to take part in quality ongoing, research-based professional development. This has enhanced their ability to create engaging numeracy learning opportunities.